Natalie Do

Natalie Do

Cello, Violin, Piano


Natalie is a cellist who began her musical journey at age five. She believes that no matter the background, every child deserves access to the arts, most importantly, music, as it ‘transcends all borders’. Currently Natalie is completing a Bachelor's Degree double majoring in cello performance and music education at California State University, Long Beach.

Hometown: Lake Forest, CA

Musical Background: I started on piano at age 5, took up cello in elementary school, and percussion in high school. I have now been playing piano for 15 years, cello for 9 years, and percussion for 4 years.

Years Teaching: 6 years. I teach from beginner to advanced violin, cello and piano.

Hobbies: I absolutely consider the other instruments I play as my hobbies! Playing ukulele and making arrangements of music are some of my favorite past times as well as going to live music concerts, hammocking, and gardening.

Message To You: Teaching music is something that I have dedicated my life to and I want to share my passion with you! Music has been such a great influence in my life and I would love to share my own experience with my students. I would be nowhere without the amazing music educators of my life and I can only hope to guide my students to see the beauty that is music!