Kenichi Kiyama

Kenichi Kiyama

Violin, Piano Teacher


Hometown: Aliso Viejo

Musical Background: I started playing violin in 4th grade

School: I am taking my undergraduate at CSULB for violin performance

Years Teaching: 6 years. I teach piano, and all levels of Violin

Hobbies: Despite my attempt to become a musician, i love activities unrelated to music. I love to exercise. I love walking around in nature. I take pleasure in watching movies and tv shows.

Message To You: Music is a universal language. While it remains purely a form of art, it has taught me many important things such as patience, and creativity that make me the person i am today. It is the biggest passion of mine and has allowed me to explore what it means to be human. I hope as a teacher i can not only cultivate my students ability to understand music but also teach important qualities such as commitment, dedication, strategy and PATIENCE.