Seth Leue

Seth Leue

Oboe Specialist, Wind and Piano Teacher.

I am a musician at heart, and a performer by practice.


Hometown: Long Beach

Musical Background: I have played Oboe or Clarinet in orchestral settings for most of my life. During high school I was the Principal Oboe of the Orange County Youth Symphony Orchestra, and I am now the sitting Principal Oboe of the Bob Cole Orchestra at CSULB.
My musical disciplines also boast an advanced aptitude in music theory and piano technique.

School: I am currently studying oboe performance at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at CSULB. I also serve as the Education Officer of the university's Phi Mu Alpha music fraternity.

Years Teaching: 6 years of teaching private lessons.

Hobbies: My hobbies outside of music include voice-acting, video game design, caligraphy, and herpetology (geckos are my favorite).

Message To You: Music acts as a beautiful, universal language with the power to unmistakeably create connections between people from across time and space. It can heal the broken, give voice to what is unheard, and breath truth into what is unspoken.