Spring 2020 Recital - May 9, 2020

Thank you all for your participation in our first virtual recital, for your passion, and for sharing..

the joy of music making with so many. For us it has been a lot of fun watching the sharing and voting for the videos, many of which were professionally and thoughtfully produced, but all were competent and polished performances.

This has been a very exciting recital, and a great showcase for our young, and not so young, performers. As we have all had fun performing, lovingly making and happily watching the videos, we are all winners already!

However... We also recognize some 'special winners', and these are selected by the popular votes, as at midnight May 22, 2020.

The winner, with the most liked video is:
- Luella Lam (student of Ms Bettina Houser) - 383 Likes
- Award: $50 Amazon gift card

Since it has been such a close, and exciting, contest between our top two contenders, we have decided to add a runner up award. And this goes to - Emily Mares (student of Ms Aline Sardao) - 357 Likes
- Award: $25 Amazon gift card

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Alison Hoang

[Guitar] Bourree - Graf Bergen
Teacher: Bettina Houser

Luella Lam

[Piano] A Cowboy's Song and Love Somebody
Teacher: Bettina Houser
The Most Liked Performance

Nam Bui

[Voice] Can’t Help Falling in Love, by George Weiss
Teacher: Aline Sardao

Emily Mares

[Voice] I Have Nothing
Teacher: Aline Sardao

James Nophsker

[Piano] Fiesta Espana
Teacher: Cuong Nguyen

Peter Nophsker

[Piano] Mission impossible
Teacher: Cuong Nguyen

Jasmine Goldsmith

[Piano] Ballade by Burgmuller
Teacher: Cuong Nguyen

Spencer Wang

[Piano] Happy Day and Theme by Thomas Attwood
Teacher: Ekaterina Bessmeltseva

Max Polizu

[Piano] French Lullaby by Faber
Teacher: Ekaterina Bessmeltseva

Aubrey Kesler

[Piano] Furient by Faber
Teacher: Ekaterina Bessmeltseva

Sean Moran

[Piano] Bach Minuet
Teacher: Ekaterina Bessmeltseva

Lily Andrews

[Piano] Minuet in G Bach
Teacher: Arax Petrossian

Aiden Andrews

[Piano] Sonatina George Benda
Teacher: Arax Petrossian

Nila Fox

[Voice] Wondering - Olivia Rodrigo and Julia Lester
Teacher: Bettina Houser

Nyla Rteimeh

Party Favor - Billie Eilish
Teacher: Bettina Houser

Melissa Giron

[Ukelele] A Million Reasons - Lady Gaga
Teacher: Bettina Houser

Sharaya Dunsford

[Piano] Music Box by Faber
Teacher: Ekaterina Bessmeltseva

Amber Zeng

[Voice] Prom queen
Teacher: Arax Petrossian

Lana Cheng

[Voice] I Dreamed a Dream, by Claude Schönberg
Teacher: Aline Sardao

Charissa Bui

[Voice] You Say, by Lauren Daigle
Teacher: Aline Sardao

Gwen Woods

[Piano] Batter Up! and My Clever Pup
Teacher: Bettina Houser

Jillian Cheng

[Voice] Good Morning Baltimore, by Marc Shaiman
Teacher: Aline Sardao

Emma Wakabayashi

[Flute] I Can See the Light - Rapunzel
Teacher: Bettina Houser

Jonathan Thornton

Teacher: Hugo Nogueira

Lily Miyagishima

[Piano] Miniature Sonatina, by Joseph Küffner
Teacher: Aline Sardao

Dexter Reeb

[Piano] Village Dance
Teacher: Ann Nguyen

Shiloh Stupin

Teacher: Bettina Houser

An Bui

[Violin] Do-Re-Mi
Teacher: Eriko Tsuji

Karlie Ryan Gardea

[Piano] Skating
Teacher: Marylin Mello

Kloe Marie Gardea

[Violin] Tooth Fairy, Subway Train
Teacher: Eriko Tsuji

Roan West

[Guitar] Just the way you are - Billy Joel
Teacher: Hugo Nogueira

Huynh Tam Lam

[Guitar] Romance
Teacher: Hugo Nogueira

Frequently asked questions

Please ask your teacher to register your name for the recital.

For virtual recital, this will reserve a place for you to post your performance video on this page. Your teacher can then help you with making your best performance video. Please limit performance to maximum 5 minutes. However, we will accept some exceptions based on the teacher's recommendation if the performance has to go a little over the time limit. The video must be submitted no later than the deadline using the Upload button (under your name). If you need any support, please contact us at contact@hbschoolofmusic.com.

For virtual recital, videos will be available for viewing and audience voting on the recital's planned date.

You only need to have a Facebook account to be able to vote. Just click or tap on the Like button. You can 'like' more than one performance.

If you're a HBSM teacher, you should see buttons to judge a video. If you don't see these buttons, please log in to the teacher portal and come back to this page.

The winner will be selected at the end of two weeks after the recital date. If there are multiple performances with the same highest number of likes, we will select one randomly for the reward.

Absolutely. We will be giving four Amazon $50 gift card awards, for the following categories. The winner(s) will be posted on the school's website. We will also contact and email the gift card to the family.

  • Best musical performance - judged by HB School of Music teachers
    • Musically and stylistically performed
    • Displaying contrasting and variety of emotions
    • Engaging
  • Best technical performance - judged by HB School of Music teachers
    • Display of good technical competency
    • Good execution of technically difficult works/passages
    • Level of difficulty for the work performed
    • Employing a good variety of techniques appropriate to the music
  • Best production - judged by HB School of Music teachers
    • Appropriate for the theme of this recital (Father’s Day or World Music Day)
    • Recording quality
    • Presentation and creativity
    • Extra points for group performances (duet/trio, etc.)
  • Most voted - voted by friends and families
    • The most liked video by peers, friends and family through Facebook