To ensure a smooth application process, please read everything thoroughly.

We want to make sure that music education is available to all, regardless of circumstances. Based upon available resources, the Huntington Beach School of Music (HBSM) is pleased to be able to provide as much assistance as possible for adults, families and children programs.

Applications are accepted at any time, but must be renewed yearly. HBSM will make scholarship appropriations and notify the recipients as soon as possible after receiving the application.


Scholarships are awarded to students with high potential or a great desire but no resources to fund their dream. Applicants must be nominated by an instructor, who must initiate the application process.

Who qualifies?

  • Students with a strong potential and motivation in the chosen area of study
  • Evidence of exceptional potential and talent in performances
  • An ability to represent HBSM in public performances or competitions
  • At least one letter of exceptional recommendation from the nominating instructor

Financial Aid

Financial Aid awards are based on a review of the applicant's income, number of dependents and extenuating circumstances. It is the hope of HBSM to never turn away anyone from a program because of inability to pay. Financial assistance may not be combined with any other form of involvement or service to or for HBSM.

To evaluate your individual needs, HBSM requires as much information as possible about your financial situation. Certain items are mandatory and your Financial Assistance Application will be considered incomplete until all those items are submitted. Once the complete application package is received, it takes at least 2-4 weeks to process and review.

How the process works?

  • Student is enrolled and an initial payment is made
  • Online financial aid application is submitted
  • Supplementary documents are to be submitted in person at the front desk admin
  • Student attends at least one month of classes, during this time, we evaluate attendance, practice ethic, the code of conduct
  • At the end of the four-week trial period, an award of between 10-40% of tuition is given to the student. We don't grant full assistance. We do expect families to also financially contribute to students' studies.

Who qualifies?

  • Students must be enrolled in a private class for at least 4 weeks
  • Consistent attendance and progress
  • A seriousness of purpose and motivation
  • Family having financial difficulties (i.e.: income, number of dependents, etc.)

How to apply?

  • Please complete the form below
  • Supplementary documents must be turned in to the front desk
    • A copy of your most recent Income Tax Return (IRS Form 12040) with copies of all supporting W-2 forms
    • If you are employed, please submit at least 4 weeks of current pay-stubs. If you do not receive a pay-stub, a Salary Verification Form ACD1038 must be submitted.
    • If you are self-employed, you must submit your latest business and personal Income Tax return.
    • If you are unemployed, you must submit your State Unemployment documentation.
    • Note: Please do not include originals of any documentation, as they will not be returned

Financial Aid Application

All information is confidential and treated with the utmost sensitivity

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Finance Information - Income

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