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Olena Merrill, Ph.D.

Olena Merrill

Voice, Piano, Music Theory, Choir


Meet Dr.Olena Merrill: A Musical Journey of Excellence and Passion
In the heart of every melody, there lies a story, and Dr.Olena Merrill, the soulful maestro behind
Huntington Beach School of Music, embodies a tale of unparalleled musical prowess and
unwavering dedication.

From the tender age of 6, Dr. Olena's extraordinary musical abilities
captured the attention of her father, setting the stage for a lifelong odyssey of musical brilliance.
Dr.Olena's journey began at a specialized musical school for talented children, where she
immersed herself in the enchanting world of piano for a decade, graduating with honors at the
age of 16. Rooted in a family where music was more than just notesβ€”it was an expression of
love and togethernessβ€” Dr. Olena and her father harmonized on the piano and the seven-string
guitar, their voices blending in a duet that resonated with pure joy.
At 16, Dr. Olena embarked on a formal musical education, delving into the realms of choral
conducting, theory, composition, vocal arts, and piano at a prestigious musical college. Her
exceptional talents shone brightly, earning her a bachelor's degree with honors and a
recommendation to attend the esteemed Odessa Conservatory. For six years, she honed her
skills in choir conducting, vocal performance, piano mastery, musical theory, and composition,
culminating in the attainment of her Master's degree. A total of 20 years dedicated to the art of
music, shaping her into a virtuoso with unparalleled expertise.

Dr.Olena's accolades include the title of "Best Teacher of the Area" for an impressive 20
consecutive years!

Upon her journey's return to the United States in 2005, Dr.Olena's passion found a home in
Cincinnati, Ohio, where she began offering private lessons to both children and adults in piano
and voice. In 2009, the melodies of her expertise resonated in the sun-soaked landscapes of
California, where she continued to share her love for music through both group and private
With two thriving choirs under her guidance, Dr.Olena conducted 150 young voices in harmonious
unison, capturing the first prize in numerous choir competitions. Her vocal proteges, inspired by
her dedication and guidance, ventured into various competitions, consistently securing first
place honors, a testament to Dr. Olena's exceptional teaching acumen.

Dr.Olena has crafted a career that echoes with the melodies of
expertise, nurturing talents and igniting the love for music in hearts young and old.
Educational Brilliance: At the heart of Dr. Olena's musical journey lies a profound education.
Armed with an M.A. Degree in Music, specializing in Choir Conducting, and a B.A. Degree in
Music encompassing Vocal and Piano studies, Dr.Olena graduated with honors from the esteemed
Odessa State A.V. Zhdanova Conservatoire . Her training embraced a myriad of
disciplines, from choral conducting and musical theory to piano mastery, forming the foundation
of her exceptional expertise.
A Symphony of Experience: Dr. Olena's career reads like a harmonious score, composed of
diverse roles that showcase her versatility and talent. As a Music Instructor, Vocal Coach,
Performer, Choir Conductor, and Piano Teacher , she has shared her knowledge
with students spanning generations. Her innovative teaching methods, rooted in both creativity
and discipline, have nurtured budding musicians into accomplished performers. Dr.Olena's ability
to communicate complex musical techniques with clarity and enthusiasm has earned her
accolades and gratitude from her students.

For over two decades, Dr. Olena Merrill has illuminated the path of countless aspiring musicians,
instilling in them the same passion and commitment that has defined her musical journey. Her
love for teaching is not merely a profession; it's a calling, a lifelong endeavor to nurture talent
and kindle the flame of musical brilliance in every student she encounters.
Join Dr.Olena at Huntington Beach School of Music, where music isn't just taught; it's lived, felt,
and celebrated. Under her guidance, you'll embark on a transformative musical odyssey, where
passion meets expertise, and every note resonates with the magic of Dr.Olena's musical legacy.

Hometown: Anaheim

Musical Background: Music school piano 10 years for talantet kids,
B.A. Degree in
Music piano,vocal,choir conduct,solfege,music theory ,composition
finish with honors. Master degree Conservatory choir conduct,vocal,piano,music theory,solfege,composition

School: Music school in Nikolaev,Ukraine for 10 years

Music college in Nikolaev,Ukraine for 4 years

Odessa Conservatory in Ukraine for 6 years

Doctor physician degree University of Kharkov,Ukraine for 10 years

Years Teaching: 38 years

Hobbies: Walking in a beach

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